a great company starts with us

Mission Statement

To provide comfort and relaxation.

Vision Statement

Striving to produce the most loved and comfortable products that can be used and passed on by generations.

About Us

Specialty Mattress Inc. has been producing one-of-a-kind specialty foam bedding products since 2002. We have come a long way since our humble beginning and we take pride in our products and services. We develop and produce all our products in-house in our California-based factory. Our specialty blended shredded memory foam is durable, well-tested and comfortable. We work closely with our customers, so we can receive the best feedback possible when it comes to our product or services. In addition to our own line of products we also provide custom manufacturing services (OEM) and a multitude of other services for organizations that need to better streamline their operations.

Our Capability

Here at Specialty Mattress Inc. our customers are the highest priority and we do our best to supply them with a quality product in the fastest time possible. We can meet any volume asked of us in a swift amount of time. Orders will be fully customizable to customer specifications from the product to packaging. Packaging can involve a variety of options from plastic wrapped to a vinyl bag, or customer provided packaging. Along with the packaging we can also include inserts, so our customers can provide extra information on the pillow. We also provide private labels so our customers are given the maximum exposure for their brand. All of this is provided by Specialty Mattress Inc. for any customer.

company history

  • 2001
    Start of Business

    Specialty Mattress, Inc. started as a small side business in a modest location; family owned and operated. Our projects at this time mostly consisted of memory foam mattresses. We are well known for our customer service and efficiency when it comes to completing orders.

  • 2003
    Start of Shredded Memory Foam

    When we initially started our Shredded Memory Foam Pillow project, we had no idea how popular our pillows would become. The number of customers and orders started to increase. Our business grew in capability through the hiring of new employees and the addition of new technology which increased production efficiency. At this point we were operating out of the same facility and it was definitely becoming a setback. We had to think big and quick.

  • Present
    Growth Continues

    We soon moved into a new building with the necessary capacity for our business to fully thrive. Now with a facility measuring 9,000 square feet we could finally operate adequately. We now have the capacity to service customers on a larger scale. We went from producing small orders to manufacturing thousands of pillows per day. We continue to grow and learn alongside of our employees. Their hard work and commitment has made this corporation a successful one.