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We specialize in custom making each mattress to fit your needs. Our Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is the top of the line! Our mattresses are made of 8” support and 3” Gel infused Memory Foam and are covered in our 35% Cool-aid fabric. This combination provides you with a fresh sleep and great back support.

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Shredded Memory Foam

Our pillows contain a blend of Certi-pur shredded memory foam. We use a combination of polyurethane foam and visco memory foam to obtain ideal consistency. The difference between our blend, and a solid memory foam pillow is extensive. Our shredded memory foam blend is breathable, durable, and conforms perfectly to the contours of your neck and shoulders. The individual pieces of foam move independently, allowing the pillow to be moldable.

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We are well-known for our Bamboo pillow line. The bamboo woven fabric we use allows for a softer and fresher feel; it is durable, long lasting, and machine-wash and dryer friendly. The fusion of our bamboo fabrics and the blend of Certi-pur Memory Foam will provide you with comfort and serenity. Each pillow is carefully measured and weighed to ensure consistency and provide you with the best quality pillow.

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We offer the unique service of refilling worn out home goods, and bringing your beloved bedding products back to life with our perfect blend of shredded memory foam.

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At Specialty Mattress Inc., we compress and seal each pillow to minimize shipping cost (refer to images). Pillows can also be encased individually into a carrying case or packaged in individual boxes provided by the customer. The flexibility we take pride in, allows our clients to choose their packaging preference without restriction.

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Design & Custom Manufacturing

Here at Specialty Mattress, Inc. we specialize in bringing our clients’ vision to life. Through our disposition to please, and our design team, you have full control and direction over the design and production process. Customers are welcome to provide the fabric and materials of their choice. We offer private label manufacturing, and we ensure that costumer-provided designs, logos and brands are well represented on all packaging. Our Adjustable pillows come with a zipper cover that allows you to add or remove foam for a desired density.

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